Really loving my new 2012 Ride 135 completely stable and I was even able to stand up in it without a problem.  I fish mostly back water and am not concerned about speed or agility but this boat does a good job as far as I am concerned.  I have seen some comments regarding this boat being slow or difficult to turn but give me stability and I will make a few extra strokes to do a 360.  I have a rudder installed which does help but I do think maybe a rudder with a larger surface area would make it even more responsive.


I am testing a seat mod where I have mounted a folding fishing boat seat mounted on plywood that fits in the same track as the original seat.  I need to get my hips up a bit to make it comfortable as I have bad hips.  It has raised me up a couple of inches and it is mounted to a swivel which makes it a breeze to get into the crate or the bait tank.  I used a kitty litter bucket with a easy opening lid, a pump and spray bar from a cooler conversion kit and have no issue keeping bait alive all day.  The majority of the time I use a standard aerator box running on D cells and use the pump to switch out and cool off the water in the tank.  I hooked the pump up to a 6 volt dry cell to slow down the spray as the 12 volt was way too much for the small tank.

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Nice rigging on the seat. Looks like the seat will rest on the upper shelf to get perched up even higher. is that possible?
I actually had it up approximately two inches higher via 2 x 4 on the mount but did not feel as stable as it does at this level.  very good comfort and support where it is now.  you could put it on the top of the tracks but would have to do some additional rigging to secure it.
Sweet is all I can say about your Ride. I bought my Ride 115 a month ago and was so excited, I took it out on the lake with a temperature of 35 degrees and ice on the lake. I have not done any modifications to my Ride 115, nor have I tried standing yet. I'm 54 years old, 230 lbs with bad knees. I may tie off a rope up front and pull on the rope to help assist me into the standing position. The Ride is extremely stable, fun, etc. I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Ride 115. I highly recommend it.

David, thanks for sharing the seat mod. I duplicated your installation with the addition of indoor outdoor carpet on the wood. I can't wait to try it out. It will be so easy to swing around to access my cooler.


Where is the transducer mounted that accompanies your fish finder? What model is the fish finder, does it do a good job for you?


The transducer on mine is mounted inside the front hatch near the scupper on the left side pontoon. One of the only places it will sit flat facing straight down.

Love the raised swivel seat.

Looks like it would help a bit with sight fishing when heavy water and wind makes it more difficult to stand. Sometimes it's just those extra couple of inches that help.

If enough anglers were to give this a bit of consideration, I would think it may persuade the design and development guys at WS to consider a hi/lo type of seat for their angler series. May be difficult though as the seat swivel is one of the big benefits - Kudos my man, like your Ride.

What length paddle are you now using and have you had to consider a longer paddle, with the raised seat?

I know this is an old post did you ever perfect the seat and how is it sitting sidesaddle?




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