East Branch Reservoir Northeast Ohio, 01 NOV 09.

I had just about all day to fish so I decided to go and check out the action over at East Branch today.
The fishing wasn’t all that great but as usual I did manage to see some cool stuff.

The air temp was a very brisk 42 degrees this morning and it warmed up to about 50 at the most by mid day. The day started off very overcast and windy and then became mostly sunny by about 1pm.

The water level is till WAY down but starting to rise slowly from what I can see. It is a good 2 to 3 feet above where it was last time I fished out there but still a about 5-6 feet below normal. In this picture I took before setting off you can see how far down it is. If you look closely you can see the main lake just peeking out above the little point there as the channel turns to the right.

I started fishing all the points on the far end of the lake across from the ramp. Got my first fish in between two of them. A cute little white perch… this tiny sucker hit a ½ oz spoon! Now that’s spunk!

I kept heading over toward the dam and along the way I hooked into a good size carp on that same ½ oz gold spoon. He gave me one heck of a fight. But I didn’t play him out enough apparently and when I tried to get him in the net (which for the record, he wouldn’t have fit in very well) beside the boat he made a killer run under the front of the kayak and came unbuttoned in quick fashion. Here is a picture of the carp just as he was making his final run to freedom.

I am pretty sure that was a “Fish Ohio” carp. He was pretty big. Dang.

And then I unsuccessfully went looking for some crappie in a few of the usual areas but because of the low water level, it was really hard to figure out where they went. I didn’t catch any crappie. So I went into default mode. Default mode for me means targeting only the spots that have held fish in the past… so a kind of kayak style run and gun. In doing so I managed this little largemouth bass off of a log that almost always has fish for me. Some really nice markings and great colors on this little guy. Hes even starting to sport a little pot belly from all the fall feeding. 8-)

That would be it as far as fish went. But like I said I did get to see some cool stuff. Most notably was one of Ohio’s 150 nesting pairs of Bald Eagles.

Here is the male. He stuck around a little longer than the female so I got a little closer.

And then he was like, “got places to be, see ya’ dude!”

And as I was watching him fly away, in the background I noticed a hot air balloon…

Not long after that the sun started to fade so it was time to hit the road as the temp started to fall fast. So I got back to the ramp and snapped a picture of the moon rising above the lake…

And then loaded up the trusty old Taurus and headed home.

As per most trips out on the water, I was glad to be able to do it. I enjoyed myself even if I only got two small fish in the boat and missed another chance at a “Fish Ohio”. I’m starting to run out of time to get those other two “Fish Ohio’s” I need in order to get my “Master Angler” this year. I’ll get ‘em. ;)

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