Thought I would share how I rigged my boat for saltwater fly fishing.

Dual fly rod holders attached with pop rivets.

Found them to be better than screws. Just as rugged and shouldn't rust.

Next I installed a Kayalu light. Still a little iffy on the placement but really the only place I found was best. Only other option would be to mount it in the rear of the cargo holder. However thats the best thing about this light. All you need is stainless steel padeye and you can mount it anywhere.

Simply attaches with a clip attached to a bungee,

GPS holder by RAM mounts. Only use it for navigation otherwise I don't keep it mounted to the 1" ball base.

Camera mount for self photos. Mounted on a 1" ball rectangular base that was different from round base that came with the xshot. 

front view

Used the round 1" ball base to mount the xshot behind the seat. Now that a few waterproof point and shoot cameras shoot HD videos I'm hoping to get some sweet footage.

I like to keep the kayak rigged as simple as possible in front of the seat. Any fly angler knows that the line seems to get hung up everywhere. I keep a fishpond boat bag in the back to keep things dry and make good use of the hatch between my legs. Rudder will be mounted soon. Hope to get some on the water images soon as well.

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Looks great. Nice set up.




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