I've been using rod leashes ever since I started kayak fishing - they have saved a few combos on more than a couple occasions.  What's funny is that I haven't rolled over or had some crazy situation that has caused a rod to go for a swim.  It seems to always be something stupid like me bumping the reel out of a flush mount rod holder with my paddle or just plain having a second of clumsiness. 

For the connection point to the rod, I used to use Velcro's "One Straps" that were cut down to size and zip tied to the coiled leash.  This particular Velcro (it comes in packs of 3, about 7/8" wide and maybe 18" long each) holds up well and works even when completely saturated. 

I switched over to these ratcheting DIY leashes in the spring of this year and really like this method as it is easier to connect/disconnect the leashes to the rods w/one hand as compared to the velcro.  They are also very inexpensive and easy to construct and the cuffs and are quite strong.  Some very simple modifications to the ratcheting cuff make it perfect for this application.  At around $4 a leash, it is a cheap investment that is well worth the 5 minutes of build time!

Here are a few preview shots and as usual, the full build details are on my Palmetto Kayak Fishing Blog HERE




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Comment by richard l crowley jr on April 9, 2012 at 5:35pm

 Thanks for the leash how-to. I made 4 for my self,and 4 for my son. I showed them to the guys I work with, they want me to make some for them also. Great tip,great how-to.

Comment by Wayne Mills on March 20, 2012 at 12:53pm
I thank you for this tip! I found some old telephone cords ( obsolete ones before they went cordless), and did almost exactly what you did here. Because the cords I have are bigger in diameter, instead of drilling the cable cuffs, I just put the eye inside of the cuff and it works beautifully! I even got a larger cuff and made a paddle leash the same way. Thanks again and I wish you the best



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